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Function and Duties of the Student Committee

The Student Committee is a standing committee that is assigned the task to nurture and enhance the reputation of the Institute within the student fraternity and the society in general. It also aims at ensuring the well being of the students during their stay at the institute. The Student Committee is a democratic body with all its representatives being elected by the students themselves. It is headed by the President who acts as a link between the Student community and the administration. The Treasurer ensures proper financial management of the Student Body corpus so that various student run activities can be conducted smoothly. The President along with the Vice- President, General Secretary, Asstt. General Secretary and the Treasurer form the administrative core of the committee. Secretaries of the various clubs with the help of their team members take care of organizing all Student run activities on campus and are the executive members of the Students Council. Our college encourages students to develop their leadership qualities, so that they can be responsible leaders in the near future. We believe that it is during the college years, the students as young adults, should be given the opportunity to voice their unique and innovative opinions and ideas. The college acts as a first-hand means to hone their leadership qualities and make them capable enough to cope with any challenging situation. Our Student Committee is composed of the most diligent and hard-working students who constantly assist us in developing the model of our college and strive hard to ensure that all the existing students in our college get an enriching and memorable experience during their academic career in our college. The following duties have been assigned to the Student Committee members –


1.The Student Committee members are expected to act as a positive model to the other students of the college in their conduct, academic performance and extra-curricular activities. Abreach of any of these factors will result in the cancellation of the candidature.

2.The Student Committee members are expected to attend all their classes regularly and show remarkable academic proficiency.

3.The Student Committee is expected to conduct regular meetings and keep the Teacher-in-Charge/Principal and their respective mentors updated about the outcome of the meetings.

4.The Student Committee must submit their agendas and programme schedule to the Teacher-in-Charge/Principal as soon as the committee is formed.

5.To act as a conduit between students and college administrators - gathering feedback from students prior to the meeting, submitting agenda items in a timely fashion, representing their fellow students at the meeting, taking notes, and reporting back to students on relevant issues.

6.To serve as liaison in bringing any issues/suggestions/feedback to the administration at meetings, with the purpose of improving student life in the campus.

7.To relay key messages from the administration to the student body.

8.To suggest, develop and implement solutions to problems related to campus life.

9.To collaborate with students to coordinate events to enhance students’ academic and cultural lives within the college campus.



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