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I feel proud to be a part of the esteemed institute, the “Surendranath Law College”, 24/2 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kolkata – 700009. The Himalayan heritage of the college always attracts me. I all the time enters the gate with bended head under the foot prints of the legendaries once associated with this institute.

Sir Surendranath  Banerjea on 1st January 1884, inaugurated the first grade college under the name “RIPON COLLEGE”. Its activity was further extended through the opening of the Post-Graduate Department of Law in 1884, which was later affiliated under the Calcutta University in the year 1885, as an independent professional college.

During the golden era of Bengal, some bright sons of mother India aggregated to form a highly enlighten Bengal in the field of education. Their far sightedness hatched with the formation of this Law College. Among the founder members, Satyendra Nath Mukherjee, Upendra Nath Mukherjee, Jogesh Chandra Choudhury, Rashbehari Ghosh, Ashutosh Chaudhuri, Baikunthanath Sen, Baron Sinha of Raipur, Bhupendranath Basu, Ramendra Sundar Trivedi was the prominent personalities.

This esteemed Law College is now regarded as one of the oldest law colleges of the country. The alumni of the College include Dr. Rajendra Prosad, the first President of India, Sri Harendra Kumar Mukherjee, the first Governor of West Bengal, Justice Bijan Kumar Mukherjee, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India and many other luminaries and eminent personalities.

The present students are very much sincere and hard working for upholding their past glory. Some of the remarkable activities are evident in the result outcome of their Performance in Lok-Adalat, Training for Participation in Family Court and Legal Aid Clinic.

The whole Surendranath Law College family are continuously nurturing and exploring the modern methodologies in the study of law. I hope they will march forward with the flag of their heritage in future.

Finally, as an alumnus of this institution I am overwhelmed with the performance of the teachers, non-teaching staff and students and wish the total glory in near future. We are sure, that our collective effort will definitely make some scratch on the glass of future Bengal.


Dr. Korak Kanti Chaki

President, Governing Body

Surendranath Law College




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