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In the words of Dalai Lama, "When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”. As the Teacher-in-Charge of Surendranath Law College, I strive to focus on discovering, developing and drawing out the hidden talents lying dormant inside all the students. We are fortunate to have a talented, highly committed teaching and support staff here to ensure the learning environment of our students to be the best it can be. Our foundation is committed to impart comprehensive legal education that will uphold the noble ideals of the Constitution of India and inculcate a spirit of enquiry in the young minds. The purpose of our institution is to make the students both nationally and internationally competent to respond to any kind of challenges and to be forthright in tackling any sort of injustice. As an educational institute, we believe in serving the humanity and our primary emphasis is to develop the students’ moral and ethical values, which will make them aware and sensitized regarding the true professional commitment of a legal practitioner.  We seek to instill in our students a passion for learning that will bring the knowledge and understanding they acquire to make a positive contribution towards the society, with compassion and responsibility.

The great luminiary ‘Rastraguru’ Surendranath Banerjea found this institution in the heart of the city Kolkata close to the Sealdah Station considering the convenience of commuting and to encourage more students to partake of quality education, especially for those who belonged to the downtrodden community. Our Institute holds the manifold distinction of being among the best when it comes to legal education in India. Our institution boasts of a rich alumni association, notably the respected Dr. Rajendra Prosad, the first President of India, Harendra Kumar Mukherjee the first Governor of West Bengal, Justice Bijan Kumar Mukherjee the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India and many other respected and great personalities of our country. The institution continues to nurture brilliant minds and radical personalities, who carry forward our rich legacy.

Surendranath Law College is an institute of Law affiliated to the University of Calcutta and recognized by the Bar Council of India. We continuously upgrade our techniques of teaching and impart dynamic and practical knowledge. We  inspire our law graduates to practice outside the traditional legal practitioner roles, such as in the educational sector, business partnerships, management, politics, civil service, diplomacy, social work etc. Surendranath Law College aims to educate the law students in a manner, by which they are ready to explore various avenues, by providing experience based legal education that promotes intellectual breadth, analytical skills and ethical sense of role and purpose of lawyers in society. We spare no efforts to make the educational experience of our students meaningful and relevant to the socio-economic needs of the times and to equip our youth to face the challenges of the future for leading the society from the front, while ensuring that at the same time they are enjoying their experience of learning. We encourage high academic standards and have high expectations of personal discipline and motivation from our students. These are the keys to success in life after college.

Surendranath Law College is a unique institution committed to impart legal education with its innate qualities for practical wisdom, commitment to the rule of law and good compassion to make our students perfect individuals of tomorrow. Our dedicated Mentor group is continuously working to fulfill this purpose. We provide distinct individual care to each and every student to help them explore their own potential and skill, thereby, shaping a successful future for them. We encourage more students from economically-backward classes and from minority and other backward communities to be a part of our esteemed institution, so that we can continue to uphold the vision of Sir Surendranath to create a truly equal, but uniquely diversified society. We also believe that nurturing academic merit is the primary duty of our institution. Hence, we are constantly attentive to our students’ academic progress and offer special guidance to academically weaker students. This cumulative effort of the teachers and students to maintain our high academic standard is reflected in our students’ commendable performance in both the graduate and post-graduate course of study.

Our college regularly organizes seminars, workshops and symposiums to enlighten the knowledge of the students and offer them an enriched and critical perspective. In addition to our expert faculty members, lectures and classes are regularly  held by eminent scholars in Law, senior Advocates of the High Court of Calcutta and also Supreme Court of India and senior judicial officers. We organize intensive Moot Court Training sessions, so that the students are acquainted with the various intricacies of law from the very beginning of their academic course and are well-versed with innovative and improved legal methods. Our students actively take part in several intra- and inter-level moot court session competitions and have been greatly lauded for their performance. We are presently undergoing the procedures to publish a high-quality Law Academic Journal which will contain articles on various topics on Law by the students, teachers and also by other eminent jurists which will give an exposure to the faculty and students, in order to encourage merit and develop interest in the subject.

Extracurricular activities forms a vital part of a student’s experience in our college. Our college offers the scope to every student to be an active participant in any of our clubs, like the sports club, cultural club, and debate and quiz club. We endeavour to create a profound academic experience through the holistic development of each of our students. We, therefore, lay immense stress on the students’ participation in extracurricular activities, and nurture such talents, which will be beneficial for both our students and the society in the long run. Our students regularly take part in several competitions and have emerged as winners or runners-up in their respective fields and have made our institution proud. The college holds the cultural fest ‘Umang’ every year, where we organize several inter-college competitions, along with high-end cultural programmes. This provides a necessary platform for the students to express their talents and gives them the desired exposure. As an age-old institution, we are aware of the growing environmental needs and are conscious of our duty towards the environment. We have an active Eco club, which continuously strives to make our students sensitive towards the protection and conservation of the environment in which we live in. For this we regularly organize awareness campaigns, seminars, lectures, rallies, marches and street theatres. Our college has drafted a ‘Green Policy’, which is to be strictly followed by all the students, teachers and the staff.

Surendranath Law College is committed to impart the best academic and professional knowledge to our students and groom their overall personality, so that they can shine in their individual fields. Being the Teacher-in-Charge of such a premium institution, I welcome you here and look forward to your valuable association with us for better tomorrow. Your academic pursuit here will not only help you earn your degree, but will transform you by empowering you to lead a more successful life.

Warm regards

Dr. Mohammadi Tarannum. 


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