Surendranath  Law  College  retains  a  rich  history  of  unmatched  academic  excellence  in  legal  education. The  heart  of  our  success  resides  in  our  committed  student  body, dedicated  staff  and  outstanding  faculty  members. Our college aims to be a leader in educating today's students to become skilled professionals and engaged citizens. Our teaching methods are pragmatic and career focused --- relevant for today and in anticipation of future trends. We offer innovative counseling  sessions that align with the evolving needs of the workplace and prepare students so that they are ready for work and  for life. Our educational approach blends new technologies and techniques, with a commitment to high level academic learning, community involvement, and personal attention. Believing in a “student centered” approach, the college offers an array of free student services including financial aid, tutoring, academic advising, career counseling, and job-seeking assistance.

Students come to us with passion and determination. We provide unparalleled support to ensure that they succeed. We offer the tools to think and to act, and open opportunities to immediately put their knowledge and training to use. Our undergraduate study combines academic knowledge and valuable professional skills. Our post-graduate program expands professional competence, inspires critical thinking, embraces reflective learning, and encourages life-long learning. Both our undergraduate and post-graduate studies are being enriched by the introduction of new teaching techniques and technologies, thus ensuring their relevance and value in an ever-changing world.

Our talented and caring faculty work and teach with passion, drive, and innovation and move the College forward to realize our mission. Although we are primarily a teaching institution, we increasingly provide opportunities for faculty to pursue original research in their respective fields.

Our extracurricular and volunteer opportunities enrich student life by providing experiences that embrace student development, personal responsibility, the application of life skills and career path development, and commitment to  the  larger  community.

As a result of all these factors, no less than 95% of our students successfully complete their academic degree studies, and 90% of our students secure employment after graduation. Our students graduate with the capacity to attain leadership roles in their respective professions due to their acquired knowledge and skills as well as their abilities to think critically and creatively and to communicate effectively.


Our College is both privileged and challenged to be situated in the very heart of Kolkata , a city of diverse communities with competing claims and interests. As an institution of higher learning that aspires to contribute to a better society, we are committed to fostering a culturally inclusive campus marked by mutual respect and understanding. We recognize that diversity is a reflection of our society and a source of strength. Each and every student, regardless of his/her background, belief, or situation is a respected and valued member of our College community.


Surendranath  Law  College  endeavours  to  educate  a  new  generation  of  leaders – men, women  and  transgenders  who  will be  capable  of  shaping  the  future  with  vision, justice  and  charity – with  a  sense  of  calling, with  concern  for  all of  the  human  family. We pursue this challenge because it is a worthy goal for our  college, which is uniquely suited to be a beacon of hope and light for all. I invite you to join us, as a prospective student, parent, or friend.

Best regards

Dr. Milan Kumar Pal.




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